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About Us

Nashira is more than a brand; it's a passionate odyssey weaving together diverse tastes into an enchanting collection that mirrors your unique essence. Nashira sees jewellery as more than adornments; it's a form of self-expression, capturing the nuances of your distinctive personality. 

Behind Nashira is Priyanka Wadhera. With more than 19 years of management experience, Priyanka decided to bid adieu to corporate life and follow her heart building a brand that she is proud of. 

Experience a brand where craftsmanship meets heartfelt dedication.

Every piece within our curated collection is a personal testament to Priyanka's discerning eye and unwavering passion. Beyond a business endeavour, Nashira embodies her commitment to exceptional styling, inviting you to explore a world where elegance meets individuality.

This journey is no fleeting endeavour; it's a narrative of thoughtful contemplation and meticulous planning. It signifies Priyanka's profound aspiration to extend unparalleled elegance to clients spanning the globe. 

Guided by Priyanka, Nashira aspires to be more than a market leader and to create a deep connection between people and the enduring charm of stylish jewellery.